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The University is named after Ivan Kotlyarevsky, well known writer - classic of ukrainian literature, playwright and prominent figure in music and preforming arts.

Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts, also known as the "Kharkiv Conservatory," is one of the leading colleges of art in Ukraine. It is also a major center of theatre education in the Slobozhan Region (Northeastern portion of Ukraine).

Among the founders of the University were such famous musicians and impresarios of that time as I. Slatin, S. Bogatyryov, P. Lutsenko, L. Fanenstil, G. Hotkevich, M. Krushel'nitsky, L. Dubovik, I. Maryanenko, O. Serdyuk, R. Cherkashin and others.

Over the years more than 10,000 musicians and theatre workers have graduated from the University. Many of them have established successful professional careers. Over 1,000 graduates have considerable achievements. They have become winners of the State prize of Ukraine, have been honored by the government, received titles of Honored and People's artists, honored workers of arts, earned doctorates and become professors in arts.

Kotlyarevsky University graduates successfully work in different countries: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Israel, Russia, and others.

Today Kotlyarevsky State University of Arts is the most famous school in Ukraine and is renowned in other countries. The school provides training to students leading to bachelor and master degrees in arts with the two specialities: Music Art and Theatre Art.

There are 5 departments with 23 faculties at the University, comprising 43 professors, 75 PhDs and assistant professors. Over 50 of them are distinguished by the Government and have won national and international competitions.

The University has over 900 students and post-graduate students and offers master- classes, post-graduate courses and post-graduate training.

The University enjoys Level IV accreditation, which is the highest under Ukraine national standards. It also is licensed to teach foreign students.

The Conservatory's international contacts continue to strengthen and become more diverse and creative. Considerable research is conducted jointly with foreign music and theatre institutes and colleges. Among them are arts schools in Cincinnati (USA), Nuremberg (Germany), Naples (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland), Poland, France, etc.

The University's lecturers are invited to become jury members in international competitions and festivals in many different cities of the world. They also conduct master classes in Ukraine and other countries.

Wide opportunities to practice as performers and conductors are offered by several creative student ensembles: Symphony Orchestra, Brass Band, Dance Orchestra, Folk Orchestra and Academic Choir, all of which are famous in Ukraine and abroad. There is also an opera studio in the vocal department and a students' theatre at the theatrical department.

High priority is given to the individual approach to education and professional training, recognizing that individual attention is best suited to develop and encourage the formation of a unique creative personality.

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