Faculties and Departments

Performance and Musicology Faculty

  • Music Theory Department
  • Composition and Orchestration Department
  • Department of Interpretology and Music Analysis
  • Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Music History
  • Special Piano Department
  • Piano Accompaniment Department
  • Chamber Ensemble Department
  • Choral Conducting Department
  • Solo Singing Department
  • Department of Opera Studies

Orchestra Faculty

  • Department of Orchestra Wind and Percussion Instruments and Opera-Symphonic Conducting
  • Department of Variety Music and Jazz
  • Department of Folk Instruments of Ukraine
  • General and Specialized Piano Department
  • Foreign Languages Department
  • Physical Education Department
  • Social Sciences Department
  • Department of Orchestra String Instruments

Theatre Faculty

  • Theatre Studies Department
  • Stage Directing Department
  • Acting Department
  • Department of Animation Theatre Acting and Directing
  • Stage Speech Department